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Wycena instalacji Montaż LPG Regulamin



EKO ALMA -- producer ofcar gas systems. We have been running this business in the field of autogas for almost 20 years. We provide ready made montage sets and all necessary elements which are used for covering LPG installation in vehicles for over 400 car companies and garages. In 2006 we introduced our own sequential gas injection ESGI. The production started in 2007 along with marketing the most modern and the most interesting for fitters gas injection system which appeared under the name ESGI-2. All elements were made of excellent materials and during the production particular stress was laid on the quality and multi-stage control but still the price remained low. We managed to create an excellent product in competitive prices, which meets all requirements of modern motorization. The highest level of our products can be confirmed by thses certificates: 67R-01, 110R-00 and homologation 115R-00.

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